Should Apple be parenting your children?

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This week technology giant Apple [VIDEO] has found themselves under scrutiny from two of its top investors, government officials, and news organizations. A public letter was released earlier this week from Apple investors Jana Partners and CalSTRS (California State Teachers’ Retirement System), making a plea to Apple for better parental controls on their devices; primarily iPhones. On the Think Differently About Kids website, that requires each visitor to agree to legal terms before reading the letter, the investors detail how smartphones have become addictive to #Children and teens and Apple needs to resolve this issue. Apple immediately responded by issuing a statement to news outlets stating that they had […]

What is really behind Apple’s latest controversy? – Tech Article

Posted on Leave a commentPosted in Article An #Apple a day used to keep the doctor away but according to Apple shareholders, it’s an addiction that needs to be monitored. In 2017, Apple was in and out of news feeds everywhere for both good and not so good reasons. The company attempted to override the negative press by highlighting their goals, values, and commitment to their customers. As the new year began people were left wondering, what would happen next? Business can simply be explained with the analogy of a chessboard. Both sides want to overrule the other and every move is a power play for dominance and control. Every […]

Is this the end for Jamie and Claire in Season 3 of ‘Outlander?’

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Fans of the Starz hit television series, “Outlander,” are left with heart-stopping questions after last weeks episode. Thus far in Season 3 of “Outlander,” Jamie and Claire have been reunited after spending 20 years apart. Their reunion was everything fans of the show had been waiting for but now fans are wondering if it will last? Let’s recap a bit of what has happened thus far in Season 3 to lead us to this point. ‘Outlander’ Season 3 recap When Season 3 started, we found Claire living with her daughter, Brianna, and husband Frank in Boston. We see Claire’s life paralleled against Jamie’s […]

‘Outlander’ Season 3 leaves fans heartbroken & shocked

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“Outlander” fans have been eagerly awaiting Season 3 which premiered on Starz September 10, 2017. Finally, the droughtlander was over but it was only the beginning of a whole new set of feelings fans would be left processing. Season 2 finished with Jamie rushing back to the Battle of Culloden after watching Claire disappear through the stones at Craig Na Dun. Now, if you’ve read “Voyager” you know what happens next, but for those who aren’t willing to take on the 700+ page novel you were most likely in for a moment in tv history that would leave you heartbroken, shocked and left truly speechless. […]

Tito Jackson’s sons turn tragedy into hope

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August 27, 1994, would be a moment in time that #Tito Jackson‘s sons, Taj, Taryll, and TJ would never forget. Airing September 15, 2017, at 10 pm ET on ABC the boys remembered their mother and shared the moment their lives were changed forever. Delores “Dee Dee” Jackson was 39 years old when her boyfriend at the time, Donald Bohana, took her life at his home in California. Immediately following her death it was ruled as accidental when Bohana stated he had left her alone momentarily and when he returned she had drowned. Dee Dee did not know how to swim and therefore authorities accepted the story […]